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Theories of if I was someone else what my political theories would be.

    I ask if I where a reformist and a politically active human being in Notrth American Country of the USA. Would I not want to see education increase instead of prisons. With statistics like the recidivism rate can be decreased through education and this is scienficlly proven would you not wish to start more real and actual education rehabilitation programs then prisons.

 Would it not help other human beings especially the 2.2 Million people incarcerated one form or another with in the USA. Would it not facilitate a better standard of living for Millions if Millions learned a trade and where able to at least learn of what kinda options one could have in there life with a medium of training and school??

 I know if I where a liberal living in Oakland and I found out that between the years of 2000 and 2013 the OPD shot 89 people. 26 of them where unarmed and with that propensity of pulling the trigger and killing young black and brown people with such a propensity that a federal judge after a incredibly ugly and sorted corruption case that was aimed at officers with in the OPD the "Rider" case Judge Thelton Henderson ordered the OPD to come up to National Police Practices and Standards. The OPD ignored this Federal Mandated Order for almost a decade.

   I would wonder if liberals that talk all the work hard and everything will be OK know that out of 600 officers the OPD Employs 16 Officers are responsible for 85 percent of all shooting by officers and those 16 Officers have Never ever shot and killed a white guy.

  Would I then as some Oakland democrat Lib think wow those guys and Gals in Blue sure have a rough job with those protesters,or,Wow if it weren't for Occupy, or those dam anarchists Oakland would be so much better. Wow sure I would think that with over a decade of these self serving pigs shooting down unarmed children in the streets that sure ignore a Federal Court Order for a Decade. Sure statistically one of the worst police forces in the country but it is not the management, the officers, nor the staffs fault nope it is those damn Black Blockers Anarchist Fascists that where I would put all the blame if my head where propped deeply up my own rectum and all I could see was feces I would still be able to see better then some of the rhetoric I hear coming from the politicos and news reported in Oakland and the Bay. Hopefully we will get a Journalist and not a smear writer sooner or later willing o actually report real social stories. Oh wait we had one Edward R. Murrow. wait sorry he is dead. Well guess we will have settle for Anderson Cooper NOT!!

Truth and Communication in the movement. How some people need to understand the difference between journalism and propaganda. The difference between reporting and opinion pieces.

  I rather deal with A person who is crazy who can realize they can be wrong and deal with it then a person who thinks there sane and actually believes what there on about.

 I realize any of my ideas or opinion could and possibly is totally wrong and you have to be able to deal with criticism, Constructive critics at least. I realize I done some "Crazy Shit" I at least try to make sure in my old age that if I do something at actually is as accurate as possible in this perceivable natural universe, you know this actual reality we all share.

 I get into that because i want to touch on a article that talked about ONYX and why and what they did in public as a organization. My comrades have commented on it so I will not point out one particular article but talk of the difference in Propaganda and Reporting. When you do not speak with the people you write of, i.e. do not do interviews. Do not ask pertnant questions at a large event like"Who are the organizers???" " IS this event Organized by one or more groups?? This is especially good if you are going to report we as in ONYX hijacked, took over, and took the rains of.

 Simple questions get simple answers.

Going to a event watching things from a far and then write a opinion piece like it where fact is as bad as any MSM reporter that you chastise or bad mouth. Who needs right wing assholes when other so-called radical groups can use there own misconceived ideas and put them to paper like there truth.

 I call BULLSHIT I call it on those Bay of Rage Assholes who use to regularly write there propaganda under the name "Oakland Commune" If this is not there internet facebook page then one Oakland Commune should talk to the other I read at least three articles that came from self same pseudonym in the Bay Of Rage talking about marches I facilitated in such disconnected ways as for me to think not only where they writing from second hand hear say but a purely propaganda like pros that where not fact nor even witnessed occurrences but the very stuff of imagination.

 Now this new group of anonymous yokels seeing people who need help and not help them is just like any capitalist bull shit rhetoric you speak of. There where no New Youth Leadership. You asshats act like you never heard of FTP marches or Occupy Oakland either. Those same guys where there three years ago and where there at the Trayvon Rally? Who in there right mind who says they fight against the system, the man, capitalism or anything else revolutionary have enough time to instead look over towards other organizations and use unwarranted, unneeded, and UNTRUE propaganda and sashay it around like it's news, oreven close to truth. Even led to believe you knew what was going on and represented that truth. NO you should be worried about what you know. They, yes the proverbial they they want radical groups to misrepresent each other they want divide and conquer. They want to radicals groups at odds, this makes it easier for them. You play into there hands if you are lazy. When your not willing to just ask simple questions. Even offer a hand to help if you saw someone look confused. No one is perfect sometimes people standing there making a call may look confused to one person and pissed of to the next. I mean how do you know what people are doing when your not actually communicating with them. Your using assumption and imagination. We need neither in the representation of others or ourselves.

Quote of the night.

Don't back down! Life will throw you some punches. Don't quit on your dream, your self, or your family. Refuse to be moved and stand your ground. Stay focused. Keep on working your plan. Ignore those who don't believe in you and your ability to achieve your dream. 

No matter what you're facing, believe this ~ You have more in you...more energy, more power, more spirit, more courage and more determination...to turn your life around. Continue to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward, despite the obstacles you are facing. Work through it. You can do this. YOU REALLY CAN! 
You have something special...you have GREATNESS within you!!
~Les Brown

Les Brown: Hard Times Go to Your Heart and Into Your Soul (credit where it is do, I do not know the politics of Les Brown but positive affirmation is not political it makes good sense.)

Inspiration to get back up when life knocks you down

For most of us, life offers abundant opportunities for both laughter and tears. The good times you savor. The hard times go to your heart and into your soul. Our ability to handle life’s challenges is a measure of our strength of character. And yet, where do we learn how to deal with those challenges, hard times and difficulties? In school, we are taught how to read and write.
But what about the keys to living? Where do we enroll in Life 101? Where are the classes dealing with the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, the failure of a relationship? Unfortunately, those lessons are mostly learned through trial by fire and the school of hard knocks. The message of my book It’s Not Over Until You Win is that no matter how difficult your life may become, no matter how hard it gets, there is always reason to keep on going and fighting because you can survive and thrive.
As you will read, my suggestion is that, after you have been knocked down or pushed back by life, you should acknowledge the setback, understand why it happened, and then make a leap ahead of where you were when you were hit. That’s how to become the person you always wanted to be.
Sometimes the Hits Just Keep On Coming
We are living in very challenging times. Pressured in the workplace and stressed out at home, people are trying to make sense of their lives. How do you keep on going when life knocks you down? It’s one thing to be positive when things are going well, but it is something altogether different when life catches you on the blind side:
• When someone you love is taken away
• When a catastrophic illness strikes you or a family member
• When your “lifetime” job is suddenly downsized
• When the relationship that has kept you going falls apart
• When you go through the emotional torment of a divorce
• When your grown children refuse to grow up
• When your teenagers decide they are adults
There are times when you want to say to life: “Please give me a break. Just give me a chance to catch my breath.” But life doesn’t listen. Sometimes, as soon as we raise our heads, it knocks us back down. Such is life.
Believing Is PowerfulBelieving in yourself requires knowing that your life has value and there is hope. You don’t have to be on top of the world already to look up. No matter what your circumstances are, there is a reason for you being here. How can you begin to believe in yourself more? One way is through internal encouragement. Concentrate on doing volunteer work, working out, taking a class—anything that makes you feel good about yourself. Find positive expressions that work for you, and put them on cards where you can see them during the day. One of my favorites was given to me by a friend: “Good things are going to happen to me.” Say it repeatedly, but each time put the emphasis on a different word or phrase.
GOOD things are going to happen to me.
Good THINGS are going to happen to me.
Good things ARE going to happen to me.
Good things are GOING to happen to me.
Good things are going TO HAPPEN to me.
Good things are going to happen TO me.
Good things are going to happen to ME.
We have to live life with a sense of urgency so not a minute is wasted. Failure, defeat and loss afflict us all. Expect it, and learn to deal with it. And then learn to get back to life without waiting for an invitation. One way to do that is to trust in a power greater than yourself, and to believe good things are going to follow—great things will occur when you get up, dust yourself off, and go at life with renewed determination and c

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Yes Yes thata right ONYX doing Big Things, Black Light Promotions Doing Big Big Things in the Town. Come see the show bring all the famm

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Critical Reponce

 ONYX's Official Response sent to the "collective" who produced this article: It is difficult and often dangerous from an outside perspective to assume one knows what is actually happening in a moment or at an event. The best course of action in those circumstances, particularly if you have strong feelings about them, is to speak directly with the people involved in that moment or event. No investigation - NO right to speak.

In this case, for at least the part of your article that named my organization, the people you should have spoken to were either myself Cat, My Co-Chair Ghetto Prophet or My Sergeant At Arms, Asantewaa. Perhaps then, we could have prevented the false hoods you spread, and now tension that exists, between our organization and your "collective".

While I found several pieces of your "article" troubling - including your not capitalizing Black, your gross over estimation of the size of the crowd and the missing voices of the young Black youth themselves - my more direct issue is with the following two paragraphs:

"In Oakland, organizers had scheduled a rally and march in response to the national call-out issued by the Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee days earlier. However a struggle quickly emerged within a small group of collectives over the question of destination and goal of the demonstration. Following several speeches and some internal debate, the local black nationalist O.N.Y.X. Organizing Committee seized control of march logistics and explained to the crowd that we would march to the OPD station. Upon arrival, they told us, we would continue to rally, then return to Oscar Grant Plaza. As the crowd of one thousand approached the intersection outside of OPD headquarters a large cordon of riot police blocked our path, forcing demonstrators into the middle of the major downtown intersection and effectively blocking all lanes of traffic. However, OPD officers did not block off the I-880N freeway ramp, choosing instead to concentrate all their forces on preventing approach to the headquarters. As O.N.Y.X. spokespersons urged the crowd to stay put and allow the rally to continue as they had planned, a small group of black youth on ‘scraper’ bikes ignored their pleas. These youths broke away from the intersection and charged up the freeway off-ramp.

Some of the O.N.Y.X. organizers motioned with their arms to come back and seemed to disapprove with the decision to take the freeway, but hundreds in the crowd began following up the off-ramp with great excitement. Several cars honked in support of the exuberant crowd. Once on the freeway, a large section of demonstrators formed a human chain across northbound and southbound lanes, effectively bringing traffic to an absolute standstill. After nearly a half-an-hour, OPD and California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers began to mount the freeway, and demonstrators scattered in a disorganized manner. When the police did not make arrests, concentrating on clearing the highway, marchers were able to regroup near Chinatown. This gathering weaved back through downtown Oakland, marched around Lake Merritt to Piedmont and eventually grew into a much larger march that would continue late into the evening, and culminated in an assembly before the steps of the Superior Court of Alameda County."

For the record:
a) ONYX did not "seize" the march. In the organizing meeting PRIOR to the demo - the decision was made that ONYX would determine the route. We were fulfilling our assigned duty when we made the call.
b) We were not upset - nor did we "plea" for people to come back when they took the freeway. In fact, we debated with others outside of our organization who wanted us to not only pull people back, but leave them if they didnt come. As there were large numbers of Afrikans on that freeway and as you accurately stated in your article, we are a NATIONALIST organization, it was never an option to leave the freeway or our people behind.
c) When OPD lined up to make their way on to the freeway, it was Myself and GP who ran up the ramp to warn people that the Pigs were on their way and it was ONYX who organized the human chains and grouped people together to help those who wanted to safely exit the freeway - making it more difficult for police to target or assault individuals - several of whom broke down and/or panicked when they saw the blue wall advancing.

We would appreciate an immediate and public correction to your article and in the future - if you have concerns or questions about the behavior of our organization, the principled thing to do would be to discuss it with us. This manner of divisive and inaccurate information sharing does nothing to advance the struggle. Indeed, ONYX has worked hard to develop solid working relationships with people from all kinds of ideological backgrounds - including Anarchists - to better build a movement for the people. We dont always agree - but we always communicate. Things like this simply set all of us back. Perhaps placing the overall goals of the people and the struggle before your self-righteous need to comment would be a good place to start your next piece from.

In struggle,

Co-Chair, ONYX Organizing Committee
Ghetto Prophet,
Co-Chair, ONYX Organizing Committee

Black Light,
 Minister of Information and Technology, ONYX

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Solidarity With Hunger Strikers.

On Thursday, July 4th, a group of about 100 people marched from Oscar Grant Plaza to the Alameda County Jail as riot police staged inside the Oakland Police Department Headquarters. Marchers were acting in solidarity with hunger strikers in the SHU (Special Housing Units), 'prisons within prisons,' where inmates are kept in solitary confinement. Hunger strikers in the SHU are calling for an end to hostilities between racial groups within prisons all the way down to county jails in order to call attention to inhuman and tortuous treatment of prisoners. This is the latest in a series of hunger strikes that have been started by SHU prisoners that have gone on to include thousands of inmates. Several have already died from previous hunger strikes. Prisoners within the SHU can only leave the isolation units after they inform on others, a policy called, 'debriefing,' even if they have no information to give to prison authorities. According to an article posted on truthout.org:

On July 1, 2011...thousands of other prisoners went on hunger strike to protest such draconian conditions. As reported in Truthout last year, for three weeks, at least 1,035 of the 1,111 inmates locked in the SHU refused food. In the SHU, which comprises half of California's Pelican Bay State Prison, prisoners are locked into their cells for at least 22 hours a day. Over 500 people have been confined in the SHU for over a decade, over 200 for more than 15 years and 78 for over 20 years. The only way that a person can be released from the SHU is to debrief, or provide information incriminating other prisoners. Even those who are eligible for parole have been informed that they will not be granted parole so long as they are in the SHU. "They are told they can debrief or die..." The Pelican Bay hunger strike spread to 13 other state prisons and, at its height, involved at least 6,600 people incarcerated throughout California.

Tonight, marchers played music, passed out informational flyers, wrote graffiti slogans and put up informational stickers, and upon reaching the jail on 7th and Clay streets, shot off fireworks for about 20 minutes. The fireworks lit up the night sky and prisoners responded by throwing up raised fists in the window and turning lights on and off to let those know outside that they could hear them. Someone spray painted in large letters across the front of the building, "Fire to the Prisons!" After the fireworks had been shot off, people returned to the plaza and held the intersection of 14th and Broadway for about 20 minutes before dispersing.

For more information on the hunger strike, go to:


Oakland police kill again. Against hired guns.

"Early on Monday morning (July 8th), Oakland cops beat a 53-year old man to death on the 2300 block of East 21st Street. When the police first came, they reportedly targeted the man because he was dealing with a psychological issue. Cops tried to stuff him into the back of a squad car and, according to the police story, he resisted. The police tussled with him on the ground and when they stopped fighting, he stopped breathing. Stuffing someone in the back of a police car never supports their mental health and we can only imagine what this man was going through in his mental state, which the cops had identified as needing a “psychiatric evaluation.” But really, we can only imagine what was going through his mind because he can’t tell us. He is dead. If it weren’t for the Oakland police’s actions last night, he would still be breathing.

Police should not be first responders to people dealing with mental health crises!

The police haven’t claimed that the man had a weapon or offered a direct threat to them, which they always do in order to justify murder. That’s what they said when they killed Gary King, Andrew Moppin, Oscar Grant, Raheim Brown, Alan Blueford… The list goes on. When Derrick Jones was murdered by cops near Bancroft and Seminary in 2010, they said he took out a gun. They told us later he NEVER had a weapon, and one of the cops who killed him said: "We were just doing our job, as we were trained to do.”

Just as that cop said, it is part of the job of police to kill people. It is a mistake to think that they kill people to make us safer, which is what they tell us. The reason they kill us is the same reason they lock us up. It’s the same reason they target us with stay-away orders, gang injunctions, Operation Ceasefire, or whatever their latest scheme is.

Every time they kill someone and almost every time they lock someone up, the person is Black or Brown. Every time they make a new policy, it is enforced in working class Black and Brown neighborhoods but never in wealthy or white areas.

The police are here to kill, contain, harass and cage working class people of color. That is not how we make public safety. That is how we make war.

Fuck the Police. Know Your Rights. Never Snitch."

Local Resources:
Against Hired Guns – http://againsthiredguns.wordpress.com/
A People’s Hearing on Racism & Police Violence – http://peopleshearing.wordpress.com/
Story Telling & Organizing Project (STOP) http://www.stopviolenceeveryday.org/
Critical Resistance –http://criticalresistance.org/
Eastside Arts Alliance – http://www.eastsideartsalliance.com/
Justice 4 Alan Blueford – http://justice4alanblueford.org/
ONYX – http://onyxbrief.blogspot.com/

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ONYX's first doorknocking campaign

Last weekend ONYX and a group of our comrades conducted a door knocking campaign in the highland park neighborhood surrounding San Antonio park in east Oakland. we were able to make a few positive contacts and distribute some very valuable information about public safety and police brutality. A few of the people we spoke with mentioned the rise in police occupation in their neighborhood. However when asked if this rise in policing agents made them feel any safer and none of the people i spoke were able to identify safety with the rise in police presence in the hood. One woman I spoke with said that she knew of 50+ incidents of police brutality involving people she knew personally. I looked into the eyes of a beautiful little girl in my neighborhood this week who looked at me when i asked her grandmother about a recent officer involved murder and said "I saw him shoot 5 times too!" I told her as beautiful as she was she shouldn't have ever had to see a single one but how many times will we see those same eyes in a day? or a week? way too many no matter what the number.

We'll be back at it again next month and would love to see the community turn out and support us. The strongest weapon we have in the fight for liberation is education. It doesn't matter what our physical makeup is or how popular we are in the world education is the one bullet we all can fire. this government strives to keep us misinformed, disenfranchised, and disconnected from the lives we deserve. It is our responsibility as an organization to educate the masses as much as possible about the current conditions we face and how to overcome them. One part of the ONYX acronym means NEVER Ceasing to Struggle. We mean that! We will never cease in our struggle against oppression, poverty, racism, ignorance, false imprisonment, cultural kidnapping, and  government sponsored terrorism. As we continue to meet our obligations of education to the people and fight for solutions to the problems we face as a people, we would only hope that more and more folks come out and support our efforts in the movement to liberated all oppressed peoples around the globe....GP-

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O.N.Y.X  Organizing Committee
·      Foods4Thoughts Poetry Reading and Open Mic – 2nd & 4th Sundays 5272 Foothill Blvd-$7at the door or $5 w/donations (non-perishable food/hygiene products). 6-9pm
·      Physical Training –
1st &3rd Sundays @ De Fremery Park 1pm.
2nd $4th Sundays @ Arroyo Park 1pm.
With political education every 1st Sunday after training
·       Literacy Classes – 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 5272 Foothill Blvd 7pm. Starting 3-6-2012
·      Literacy Classes On The Block- Times & Location TBA.
FLINT, Mich. (AP) — An African-American nurse claims a Michigan hospital agreed to a man’s request that no black nurses care for his newborn.
Forty-nine-year-old Tonya Battle tells the Detroit Free Press she didn’t know how to react when she learned about the request in October at Hurley Medical Center in Flint. Battle sued last month in Genesee Circuit Court seeking punitive damages.
Battle’s lawsuit claims a note was posted on an assignment clipboard reading “No African American nurse to take care of baby.” She says it was later removed, but claims black nurses weren’t assigned to the baby’s care for about a month.
Hurley President Melany Gavulic said in a statement Tuesday the father showed Battle’s supervisor a swastika tattoo, which angered the staff. She says supervisors were concerned for the staff’s safety.
No Black Nurses Please

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Black August Is In Need.  Here is a call out from OG Shaka.  Please help if you can:
I have spoken to many people about the resource situation we are in at present for this new year. The suggestion is, put out a call. We are in very desperate need of stamps, stamped envelopes and an all in one copy-printer-fax-scanner to try and keep up with the flood of work for our folks inside and the cases in court. Please if you can, help out with any part of this request. Our address is still 1714 franklin st. #100-309, Oakland, Ca. 94612. Thank you all. Shaka

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The People's Paramedics 

Slow response times from first responders in Oakland have prompted a pair of activists to teach residents how to save lives — and perhaps unite against violence at the same time.


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Asantawa And Adam at food 4 thought poetry reading. Second picture

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Co-Chair Ghetto Prophet speaking on the news

Cop Killing Cops...

KTVU reported this morning that a fired lLapd officer is attacking and killing officers and their families for what he considers an unfair dismissal for unstated misconduct. So far 3 have been killed and one is in critical condition. Congratulations Officer Christopher Dorner for finally seeing the error of your previous ways and doing your part to correct them. The police in So Cal have entered what they call a "blue state" which, appearantly, is a heightened alert phase while hunting and trying to execute officer Dorner. The manhunt is on! Pigs ambushed a civilian vehicle in southern california this morning thinking it was the "suspect" vehicle and have now shot and critically wounded at least one innocent civilian. Police State? Pigs all over so cal are visibly shaken and they should be. It's not often I turn the t.v. on in morning and see news i actually want to watch. Today is one of those days.

This should definitely help to heighten the contradictions being played out in the state at the moment over the so called control of the guns in this country. Amerikkka would like to have us believe that it is only the elite and patriotic that should have the right to possess guns and to defend their families. Time and again, from soldiers in combat who open fire on whole families of unarmed middle eastern women and children, to officers who "accidentally" shoot unarmed and defenseless people, to rogue cops turning the very guns this government has entrusted them with on each other and the community. The laws of this land are perpetuated and protected by individuals who neither respect nor uphold them yet the "ghetto" is where all the violence attacks are aimed. The president of this country is traveling around pushing his new gun policy crying and posing for all his special interest puppeteers about the danger of guns but refuses to speak in any way about the irrisponsibilities, and the rogue felonious activites carried out on a daily basis by the people he claims should be the only ones with the authority to carry and posses firearms.

I think all police should be stripped of their firearms and given the same non lethal self defense/ public safety options that they expect us to rely on. The officer involved this time happens to be black so they are hunting to execute at the moment. I am sure that this officer will never make it to the inside of a jail cell for this. White officer they may be more willing to arrest and try but hey, that's what it is. As is always the case though, even this will somehow lead to further repression and oppression in the black community but now let this raise the  debate and the dialogue over the issue of not gun control alone but pig-control and more control over what these obviously mentally unstable individuals are doing with the guns they are given to patrol, police, and persecute our communities.

The Pigs are a gang just like any other. And sometimes gangs have internal strife that must be dealt with. This is no different. They are no different. They possess the same disregard for law, life and limb that they attribute solely to the black and brown youth of our communities as they hunt down and execute us with impunity. Once again one has displayed what we all know. That the state paid overseers that patrol our communities to keep us properly controlled for good ol' massah are plagues upon and violent attributes to our society and are no more capable of upholding an unjust judicial ideology as what they call criminals.

Co-Chair, ONYX Organizing Committee

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Foods4Thoughts By ONYX

ONYX Organizing Committee PRESENTS 

FOOS4TOUGHTS poetry reading @ Do4Self Book store every 2nd and 4th Sunday 5272 Foothill Blvd from 6-pm $2 off at the door w/donation of non-parish able food items or book to support out food and literacy program HERE IS A LITTLE TASTE 

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CHAIRMAN FRED HAMPTON JR. ASSAULTED BY Oakland Police Department and Emeryville Police Department

CHAIRMAN FRED HAMPTON JR. ASSAULTED BY Oakland Police Department and Emeryville Police Department:

Apparently the State is not happy with the fact that Chairman Fred Hampton of the P.O.C.C. and B.P.P.C is building bridges and doing work in Oakland with like-minded community organizations dedicated to improving life conditions for oppressed, repressed and terrorized citizens in the city of Oakland and beyond.

Tonight, at approximately 4 pm, the Chairman and three of his comrades were trailed by police into the Target shopping center in Emeryville, just outside of West Oakland. Initially, they were stopped by two Oakland Police vehicles (IN EMERYVILLE). The police flashed their lights and ordered the passengers to both put their hands up and roll down the windows. As this was occurring, another 10-12 police cars arrived and blocked off the entire parking lot.

The passengers were separated and one of the sisters in the vehicle was pulled from the car, slammed against a Police SUV and her arm twisted. Her arm was so badly injured that an ambulance later took her to a nearby hospital.

When asked why they were being pulled over, it was explained to them that a robbery had occurred in which a cell phone was stolen and the phone had been tracked to the Target parking lot. NOT THEIR CAR BUT THE PARKING LOT. The Chairman pointed out that there were some 300 additional cars in the lot and so why their car but received no answer.

The police then brought the supposed 'victim' of the robbery to the scene and paraded each one of the passengers in the Chairman's vehicle in front of a bright light for the 'victim' to look at. S/he identified no one.

Following this, the police attempted to just walk away as if nothing had happened. The Chairman and additional passengers requested and received the Sergeants name and are planning to file a formal complaint.

It should not be overlooked that last month, the Chairman sat on a panel examining the MXGM report "Every 36 Hours" that focused on the execution of Black men, women and children by police, security guards and vigilantes every 36 hours in Amerikkka. Additionally, last week the Chairman joined hundreds of community members in speaking out against the hiring of William Bratton as a consultant to the OPD at a City Council Public Safety meeting. It should also not be overlooked that a follow up City Council meeting to address the Bratton issue is being held tomorrow night.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


As Salaamu Alaikum My People, And All Power To The People.

Peace,This is Tha Ghetto Prophet.

As I roll, walk, or ride through the streets of Oakland I can't help but notice two things.
First, I take note of how many black men between the ages of 26 and 35 that AREN'T out walking the streets.Second, I notice the variety of new patrol technique's being executed by the policing agencies around us (Pigs). For a force as cash strapped as the OPD is how do I keep noticing brand new cars and trucks out rolling the streets? How do they spend 3 billion dollars on computers and a quarter million for advice all within the same time frame as complaining that they need a bigger budget to operate properly?

I know! Old news right? Guess so are the sheriff's tanks riding the streets in the wee hours of the morning, covert raids in the waking hours, or these oddly obtrusive, all black brand new dodge ram SUV's riding around with limo tints all around and no markings whatsoever? Our streets are saturated with terrorists. Some they consider urban terrorists (that's us) while some are domestic terrorists (the pigs). One difference between the two is the fact that one group is perpetuating and carrying out a specified agenda(the pigs), while the other is engaged in acts that feed directly into the firsts pre-specified agenda while seemingly having none of their own (that's us).

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2000 in 20 states in this country the percent of blacks incarcerated was at least five times greater than the resident population of the same race. According to a Bureau of Justice Statistic, in the year 2010 black males were incarcerated at a rate of 4,347 inmates per 100,000 US (United States) residents of the same race and gender, compared to white males with a "staggering" 678 inmates per 100,000 US residents.

It didn't state, but we can only imagine how many of those black brothers are there because of crimes against his own kind. Now I'm a poet, not an accountant, but I bet if we sat and crunched those numbers we see us in default real soon. Not just tiptoeing the brink of; but tasting extinction. There's two ways off of the endangered species list. Extinction or species survival!

People, let's face the reality that aside from our total domination, the overall goal set for us as a people is total extinction. We can not allow our elimination! Sound serious? Heavy? A little far fetched? Far fetched would be us thinking that because there's a black man's ass now sitting in DC's hot seat they aren't still thinking of genocide and global control. They who? The government? The new government? Fascists? Racists? Rightists? Conservatives? Republicans? Europeans in general?

At the end of the day the fact that remains most important is that at our current pace and course we are headed towards destruction faster than NBA stars after white pussy or Rap stars after gold chains! The biggest and most powerful thing we can and must do as a people is band together in struggle and pull ourselves out of the equation all together as much as possible. Can we out right force these pigs and predators out of our neighborhoods? That's all to be determined sooner not later. But, if 4,347 out of 100,000 are locked up, and let's say half of that are for killing or harming a member of the black community, that's roughly 2,173 more of us counted out. Stuffed in the penalty box while the game goes on without them. Again I'm no mathematician but that's at least 2.5 million blacks locked up and about another 1.25 million dead by our own hands. Now rather my math is inaccurate or not the fact remains that as of right now we must realize the severity of our situation and determine what holds morte importance in 2013 in the face of a police state and open reenactment of slavery.

Are the cats around the corner that you grew up with since mud pies and freeze tag as big a threat as the total loss of our life, our culture, and even the slight illusion of liberty we now hold? California has over 33 state concentration camps and countless county plantations that are all filled beyond capacity.We yell "Fuck the Police" while continuing to keep their salaries paid and making their jobs ten times easier than it should be. Oxymoronic at best! The best way we can "fuck" these pigs is to EDUCATE and ERADICATE. EDUCATE OUR WARRIORS so we can Eradicate the BS out of our communities and family units. It takes about 1/1,000th of the courage needed to pull a trigger as it does to pick up a book and read. It takes about 1,000 times of the courage needed to pull a trigger as it does to open dialogue with a potential adversary. So let's be humble enough to seek knowledge and strong enough to seek peace, amongst kin. Now is a time for true change and the world is watching.

We can either go dumb, deaf and defeated; Or go down in history true to our roots, defending our people. A constant catalyst for change!! The time is now and choice is ours.

Revolution: a sudden, complete or marked change in something; a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure. (Dictionary.com)

Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

Ghetto Prophet, Co Chair ONYXonyxbrief.blogspot.com

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Given by Chairwoman Cat Brooks on January 1, 2013 at the Public Safety Committee Meeting
City Hall, Oakland, CA
 “When I lived in South Central, Los Angeles, William Bratton was appointed Chief of Police. Shortly after arriving, he was quoted as telling his officers that South LA was Beirut and that they should patrol it as such.  What do you think that did to the mindset of the police officers patrolling Afrikan and Latino neighborhoods in Los Angeles?
Many police officers enter this line of work after serving tours of duty overseas.  They return home with PTSD and a military mindset that has no place in the community streets.  Comments like the one above only reinforce that mentality.
Case in point – the police officer that murdered Alan Blueford had served several tours overseas and was clearly suffering from PTSD.  After executing Alan, he shot himself in the foot and blamed it on Alan in an attempt to cover up his actions.  Reports are that officers found him dazed and confused holding the gun looking at his foot.  It is speculated that he was having a flashback.
Bratton is not the answer to crime in Oakland.  A military-minded man is not the answer to a police department already plagued with brutality, corruption and deceit.
Yes, there is crime in Oakland, but WHY is there a crime problem in Oakland?  Is it because Black and Brown men just have compunction to kill?  Or is it because we have created a society where opportunities to build productive lives are few and prisons are plenty?
$250,000 spent on a man with a proven track record of increasing police brutality incidents on the forces he leads is not the answer.
If public safety is the #1 concern, then let’s invest in public welfare – jobs, education and social services. Or better yet, why don’t we take that $250,000 and find a consultant somewhere, somehow that can figure out why the Oakland Police Department can’t stop killing unarmed Black and Brown Men?  I would pay $250,000 for that.
If we could arrest our way out of this problem, America would have the safest streets in the world because criminalize and arrest is all we do.
My seven-year old is terrified of OPD because she has already seen first-hand what they are capable of … from the murder of Oscar Grant to them tear gassing her as she engaged in peaceful protest.
Ask yourself, why are people in this room so angry that they are willing to go to jail?  They are so angry because they know that there is something fundamentally wrong with how OPD is run and we want real solutions not publicity stunt quick fixes.
Finally, as far as I am concerned, OPD’s track record of brutality and murder does not deem them fit to create a violence reduction program for the city of Oakland!”