Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thoughts of revolution and The Education of a Revolutionary

The thoughts one has in reading revolutionary writing whether it be Che, Marx, Fanon, Mao, whoever. All having revolutionary ideas and methods which at there time where concise and on point. Which have to all be brought into what is now this modern society formed by globalization, the internet, social media, and modern transportation which has grown this world in ways that has mad it so much smaller. Knowing colonizer and colonized has to be looked at in a generational since. Whose forefathers colonized what countries who are the colonizer who are the colonized and now in this technocratic hegemony the colonized mimicking the oppressor to such degree as to mimic the government that has subjugated them. The personification of corporations and the corporatization of the American Government shows that the bottom line has taken the place of constitutional rights. We as Black Africans in America have always felt the crack of the whip upon are backs from the time of the over seer and the original plantation to the modern day plantation. The internment camps of the federal and state prisons industrial complex. Knowing that the indigenous Indians have been persecuted and push back and forth across this country treaty after treaty broken. We Africans brought over five hundred years ago through Slave trade having our entire culture, language, lore. Lost to us. We having been all people of color that have been persecuted from the same great oppressors Should know why the "New Plantation"  Privatized Prison Industrial Complex .Privatized Prison which are inherently intertwined through contracts of corporate supply and demand. The prisons food and supplying prisoner commissary or "store" O'Keeffe Brand Products that are sold at all Federal prison commissaries There Coffee, Creamers,Salsas, and other food products including most state and county incarceration facilities. The indigent are supplied mainly from Bob Barker tooth paste , tooth brush, and other sundries are bought by the cities state and county institutional setting from Bob Barker inc. The Bob Barker is of course the Bob Barker of the The Price is right fame. A thing not widely known in public but well known in the Federal Prison system BOP the Federal Bureau of Prisons or other wise known as Backwards On Purpose. The BOP subsidiary UNICOR which is a Publicly traded corporation that is attached to every prison facility and every prison under the BOP mandate all federal prisons which also utilizes prison labor. UNICOR makes from paint brushes to beds to blankets. They make generators all with prisoner labor all prisoners incarcerated by the BOP must get a GED and a job which products are used by the armed service and every part of government industrial complex. Supplying it's own prison system with milk and beef from 30,000 acre farms Like Lompoc California. A 30,000 acre cattle ranch owned by the federal government and worked and on by prisoners with a low security level. The funny thing even in prison because being a cowboy on a cattle ranch is a coveted job as a prisoner it is almost exclusively white to the man with the exception of one or two south Americans and that only for small amounts of time. These prisoners actually only making 20 cents to 1.75 a hour pay for skilled labor from prisoners.The only way to get towards the better part of a dollar per hour is if you have a long sentence and have worked for UNICOR for a long period of time. They work on the ranches, the Dairies, The warehouses. I have seen men and woman work on reserve army bases, National parks, Alcatraz  one of all places. Air force and other military installations. Yes even armed service uses free prison labor for its own means where the convicted felons get daily security passes to be underpaid janitors for places like Nellis Air Force Base. The products made by prisoners for the profit of the state or federal government and the unfair sentence practices make the American Judicial system a horror show revolving door non rehabilitative incarcerating nightmare where people mostly of color get caught in the recidivist revolving door. Profit margins of these corporations are obviously more important then actual rehabilitation of the citizens that have been imprisoned. Which I find a travesty against Americans and humanity especially since we know have almost 2.5million incarcerated more then any other country ever period. I found out out just lately besides taking away all loans or grants that a incarcerated person could receive for college or further education. The conservatives of our government have made sure to oppress and ostracize a people even more by having anyone that has been convicted of a drug crime after 1996 ineligible for Food Stamps. Yes after a person most likely of color and most likely male between the ages of 18 to 30 will be incarcerated with no way for a education that would in fact give him the ability to come to the ability to not be a recidivist. Once they got out of prison if they did or where between jobs they could not even get food stamps even after paying some absurd debt to society. I understand incarcerating rapists murderers and pedophiles but when science tells you crimes of poverty can be taught out of existence teach the person stealing to eat how to grow food they will not steal. teach the person selling drugs in the hood how to sell stock and bonds you have a trader instead of a drug dealer. Paramount to this fact are the statistics that when education is brought to a prison setting for every degree accomplished that it is exponentially less likely for recidivism. High School Diploma accomplishment while incarcerated 15-20% less likely to be a recidivist. AA to BA 30- 40 % less likely to to back to jail and the % is so low on anyone that actually gets a masters that it is less then ten percent become recidivist. These facts are ignored by the tough on crime republicans that use the prison industrial complex to not only subjugate a people but also make money off of peoples misery. Privatized Prisons are as bad as Privatized wars there are no winners except the ones selling the bullets and the beds for the prisons. We all know those corporate CEO's and Company Owners are privileged white men that have been making this kinda money in these ways for decades and will be doing so for decades more until the light comes to shine on the corruption that this system has turned into. We must the delusion of the person that first termed the phrase post racial Americas, there is no debate about such a absurdity. it was like a radio show I heard a black author was saying" a post racial America is like saying ok we are Neanderthals and we are living in a post saber tooth world but there are still saber tooth's around eating your friends." This will not be a post racial society until there are no racists. Until there is not a White Supremest Government System. Blacks are only 18-20 of the American population but 80 percent of the prison population. That is not because African have a propensity for violence or theft. No it is because of the disparity in Education, employment, and child care. How can schools in Marin have foreign exchange programs and Oakland have a forty percent failure rate. There is no way one California school should be so well off when the others do so poorly. This is directly in association with the The have and have not attitude of the American Public. Even we are own African American Culture we imitate the oppressors by excluding people from our own circles for social status and or monetary ability for the simple fact they can not keep up with the spending habits of the people around ones group. The the totalitarian capitalist society that we exist in. a society where we buy 70 percent of what we want and 30 % or less of what we need is fundamentally flawed. We as a people need to reevaluate are financial support of places like I Magnin, Macys, Gumps, Gucci, Prada, why would anyone in there right mind buy a 1000 dollar pair of Red Monkey Jeans or House of Dorian. I did a little research and found a pair of jeans that are so expensive that they beat out the most expensive Gucci or Estada jeans Secret Circus Jeans are hand sown with large clear diamonds sewn in the back pocket the first Pair was sold for 1.3 million. I will bet five dollar bills to singles that if three of those jeans are sold are own black people will be buying them. How could I buy those pants when I see brethren and comrades in the struggle. How could I spend a thousand on some jeans when there are people I could walk out my door and feed and they would have had there first hot meal that day. The callouses that have been built onto men's soul and especially our own need to be picked away. We are human beings of the first caliber. Our history goes far back to Ancient Kemet before thee invasion of the Europeans. centuries before it was called Egypt, 80 generations of Kings before the time of Mark Anthony or Cleopatra. Science, language,  Mathematics, Philosophy, astronomy, We descendants of  are great thinkers. Incredible talents and human being that should care about our own people. We must throw off the invisible shackles that this bougie western European culture has instilled in us. we must realize we are beautiful talented human beings that are worth loving. Love and happiness of ones self is paramount to the feelings of self worth. Instead we self hate that is instilled by the Willy Lynch Protocols, here i will post a link to the wllie lynch speech I think everyone should read it to see how shrewd men are to sujugate other men. A letter to the men of the Virginia colony in 1712 while many people think the letters are fictional they show a entire way of thinking towards African American people   the hand book of how to divide and conquer rebellious blacks. The systematic idea that through division, alienation and  is something of the opposite. We have had the house nigga and the field nigga mentality beaten into us for so many generations. The separation of status for skin darkness, or simply position with in the structure that is appointed to us for sole purposes is to build animosity, envy, and division in a people. We are so inherently trained to be like crabs in a bucket when one crab reaches the cusp of the edge ready to throw themselves to freedom other crabs reach up and pull them back. We must make uncomfortable admissions of how and why we do the things we do. Why we disparage a person that looks like us because they have a difference of idea or opinion. Then we feel they are not to our own standard of thinking know we ourselves must heal first for we where hurt long ago. The self hatred is evident in our black on black crime and our own perversions upon our own people. I say this of course not meant by all people of color some through religious, spiritual, intellectual or what ever path it took have seen and understand the greatness of being creator of your own reality.  In realizing this that one through ones actions can change how one is perceived. Even though Including our own culture and environment  institutionalized ideas of social status. We have been and can over come such conditioning. Through knowledge, through communication also through enlightenment. Through the ability of cognitive awareness in self. finding ones own worth realization of self and the colonized mentality that has been instilled upon us. The throwing off of the chains of mental emotional and spiritual slavery that have impeded our development as a people for untold generations. The thoughts of I am not worth,  not good enough, I am not smart enough, talented enough. Told to us for generations our wrong scientificlly and factually wrong. Look at soul food the throw away parts of animals we have turned into a internationally known cuisine. We took instruments we knew only how to play in a classical Western Euro-centric fashion of Bethoven or Bach. The many trained musicians and untrained in New Orleans  at the turn of the twentieth century in the early nineteen hundreds (1920s-1930) invented what we now know as jazz. Great black mean and women played and sang this music.  Jelly Roll Johnson the self perscribed originator in truth, the evolution of jazz from ragtime and blues was something that many musicians, in several cities, took part in. Most regard Morton as one of the founders of jazz, the other founders include Bennie Moten (1894-1935), Eubie Blake (1883-1983), Duke Ellington (1899-1974), and Thomas "Fats" Waller (1904-1943).Some would go back even farther to trace the roots of jazz: From 1899 to 1914 Scott Joplin (1868-1917) popularized ragtime, which was based on African folk music. Even astute music critics may not be able to draw a clear-cut distinction between ragtime and early jazz. Both musical forms rely on syncopation (the stressing of the weak beats), and either style can be applied to an existing melody and transform it to some thing that is exciting and new something beautiful. The definitions and boundaries of the two terms have always been subject to debate, which is further complicated by the fact that some musicians of the time considered ragtime to be more or less a synonym for early jazz.
We as a people can and have taken the worst parts of life the throw away parts that are handed down to us from being accustomed to only getting what is not wanted by the european western white idea of what is good, The American idea. We intelligent beautiful need not to be held down any longer. We are worthy, we are more then good enough, we deserve happiness. What is not told to many of us all the careers you see people make money at our not some innate or natural talent. There is not poof your amazing. This all takes education, the sad thing is the education system in America especially the public schools have such a disparity. While one school is in a good "hood" they have foreign exchange programs and a less then ten percent failure rate one on the other side of the tracks have a forty percent failure with a fifteen percent pregnancy rate. We are a people that are in need a people that have need for revolution. We are the disenfranchised, the dispossessed. We need not the Marxist philosophical idea of the exploited rising up and being the revolution. No, it will b the intellectual Articulated the ones, I like to call the free radicals. The students that can not pay there student loans. The professor or philosopher that easily sees' in there astute observation and critical thinking that things have progressed so detrimentally for not only people of color but the human race as a whole except for a minute percentage of super wealthy, wealthy and now poor. The middle class has lost its footing as a whole and slides into desperate and poor. of The families that have lost there homes through sub prime mortgage swindles. The poor that never had homes and have had generations of families in urban areas that realize that only through a significant changing of the guard. 
I hope one will realize I speak of revolution as the constructionist of the Constitution talk f it something that is needed every 19-20 years at least by Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson did say that the US Government needed to be taken apart and restored in the image of the people for the people. I know quite a few will be like why is this black nationalist quoting a slave owner, it is like listening Micheal Jackson you know you would not like the weirdo personally but he had good music. Well even men who did things they themselves thought wrong surly had something good to say every once in a while. I also do like a lot of his revolutionary rhetoric. On to a revolutionary that I mentioned in the beginning though. Franz Fanon the writer of the Wretched of the Earth which was one Mr Stokley Carmichaels great influences and Mr Kwame Ture being one of mine. i feel it is important to read and find these amazingly astute writing from to of I would say almost timeless ideas. well not timeless but ideas that are still very prevalent and important today. I will touch upon Dr. Fanon work to agree that the Exploited and the ones barely holding on to there jobs will fight the hardest to stay exploited. They will give excuses of family and already feeling austerity in what they do. Not realizing in the clinging to the system the puts subjugation upon you and makes you and so many others a wage slave. Clinging on to the exploitation like a doe does a deers tit precariously with eyes wide open scared for your life. worrying about your next check and will it cover. These will hinder more then expedite a true revolution for the simple reason to keep there status quo they rather be reformist then revolutionaries it is in the exploited nature. Luckily that can be unlearned with the system as broken as it is even a blind man knows the American economy is now already like a bad zombie movie. Walking dead. not knowing why it shuffles laboriously through its' scenes not realizing that the Chinese already bought and paid for the zombie and keeps it in it's pet zoo, only pokes it for fun.