Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ONYX's first doorknocking campaign

Last weekend ONYX and a group of our comrades conducted a door knocking campaign in the highland park neighborhood surrounding San Antonio park in east Oakland. we were able to make a few positive contacts and distribute some very valuable information about public safety and police brutality. A few of the people we spoke with mentioned the rise in police occupation in their neighborhood. However when asked if this rise in policing agents made them feel any safer and none of the people i spoke were able to identify safety with the rise in police presence in the hood. One woman I spoke with said that she knew of 50+ incidents of police brutality involving people she knew personally. I looked into the eyes of a beautiful little girl in my neighborhood this week who looked at me when i asked her grandmother about a recent officer involved murder and said "I saw him shoot 5 times too!" I told her as beautiful as she was she shouldn't have ever had to see a single one but how many times will we see those same eyes in a day? or a week? way too many no matter what the number.

We'll be back at it again next month and would love to see the community turn out and support us. The strongest weapon we have in the fight for liberation is education. It doesn't matter what our physical makeup is or how popular we are in the world education is the one bullet we all can fire. this government strives to keep us misinformed, disenfranchised, and disconnected from the lives we deserve. It is our responsibility as an organization to educate the masses as much as possible about the current conditions we face and how to overcome them. One part of the ONYX acronym means NEVER Ceasing to Struggle. We mean that! We will never cease in our struggle against oppression, poverty, racism, ignorance, false imprisonment, cultural kidnapping, and  government sponsored terrorism. As we continue to meet our obligations of education to the people and fight for solutions to the problems we face as a people, we would only hope that more and more folks come out and support our efforts in the movement to liberated all oppressed peoples around the globe....GP-