Sunday, October 21, 2012

Love Balm

This is an amazing project happening in Oakland. Our Co-Chair Cat will be performing in this play. Love Balm

Love Balm for My SpiritChild has been in development since December 2010. The Love Balm Project began as a 4-part workshop series for mothers who have lost children to systemic violence. Love Balm for My SpiritChild was inspired by the revolutionary acts of mothers fighting for justice for their children living and dead. It was specifically inspired by how mothers’ memory has served as a vehicle for justice in the cases of the Rwandan Tutsi Genocide, Oscar Grant III Amadou Diallo, and Emmett Till. The inaugural workshop series and staged reading took place at 7Stages Theatre in Atlanta, Ga and featured the testimonies of 6 Atlanta mothers. 
Since beginning work in the Bay Area, The Love Balm Project has hosted many workshops and performances.The Love balm Project has reached out to both mothers and performance artists in the Bay Area who are commited to collaborating to develop a circle of witnesses around testimonies of systemic violence. The Bay Area Love Balm collective is comprised of 6 Bay Area Mothers and 6 performance artists. In January 2012,we hosted a 4-part workshop series at EastSide Arts Alliance. From these workshops a body of testimonies and poetic reflections were developed and arranged. These testimonies have had staged readings at:
Theatre of Yugen - June 2011
EastSide Arts Alliance - January 2012
The Legendary Black Dot Cafe - April 2012
The Love Balm Project is now also reaching out to high school aged youth. We recently completeda theatre of testimony workshop with 15-17 year old young men at Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center. 
Since April, Love Balm For My SpiritChild script has been in development and we are gearing up as a collective for our next set of performances at EastSide Arts Alliance, McClymonds High School and La Peña Cultural Center. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

One of are Co-Chairs The Ghetto Prophet and his good comrade that is a amazing Poet in her own right. Together they are known as the Paid Poets.
We are once again doing are Sock and Coat Drive for winter Weather. Further information coming soon Thank you.
                                                    Alan Blueford Video,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

This is the first Power to the People Revolutionary Music festival Put on by ONYX Organizing Committee and Promoted by Black Light Promotions.
The Artist list will be world renowned artists from hip hop to Reggae coming together for the people by the people. Live Music
, Full bands, D j's, Poets, and Political Speakers in one night of Solidarity and celebration. All proceeds will be put into ONYX Organizing Committee programs that have been on going and running in Oakland Bay Area for over five years. Artists T.B.A. This is GONNA BE SUPER HOT More info later get your rsvp now. There will be fine international food and vending!!!! more info soon. Interested on who ONYX is check out are blog
So far Confirmed .

Junior Toots- Legendary Reggae Singer, Composer.

"Irae Divine" Incredible reggae musician, singer, MC, songwriter extraordinaire

"BPOS" Super Hot Bay Area Hip Hop Group.

Chaz and the Peaceful Vibes

Rocker T- of Jah Warrior Shelter, Singer, Song Writer, producer, Dub plate master and DJ

Ras Ceylon - Revolutionary Hip Hop Artist, Activist, Organizer.

ĐmƞÔloǤỷ - Rapper, Producer, MC,On Tour From Chicago

Long John- MC, rhyme writer, revolutionary rapper, Activist.

Akil- Hip Hop Star and Bay Area up and coming Icon

D J Ready , Reggae, Hip hop, one of the best in the Bay. Beat maker, Producer, Dub Plate master.

Selecta Green B- Renowned DJ and Virtuoso on the Turn Tables

Black Diamond Shining Art Collective (Live Art and Paintings)