Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Monday, January 21, 2013

CHAIRMAN FRED HAMPTON JR. ASSAULTED BY Oakland Police Department and Emeryville Police Department

CHAIRMAN FRED HAMPTON JR. ASSAULTED BY Oakland Police Department and Emeryville Police Department:

Apparently the State is not happy with the fact that Chairman Fred Hampton of the P.O.C.C. and B.P.P.C is building bridges and doing work in Oakland with like-minded community organizations dedicated to improving life conditions for oppressed, repressed and terrorized citizens in the city of Oakland and beyond.

Tonight, at approximately 4 pm, the Chairman and three of his comrades were trailed by police into the Target shopping center in Emeryville, just outside of West Oakland. Initially, they were stopped by two Oakland Police vehicles (IN EMERYVILLE). The police flashed their lights and ordered the passengers to both put their hands up and roll down the windows. As this was occurring, another 10-12 police cars arrived and blocked off the entire parking lot.

The passengers were separated and one of the sisters in the vehicle was pulled from the car, slammed against a Police SUV and her arm twisted. Her arm was so badly injured that an ambulance later took her to a nearby hospital.

When asked why they were being pulled over, it was explained to them that a robbery had occurred in which a cell phone was stolen and the phone had been tracked to the Target parking lot. NOT THEIR CAR BUT THE PARKING LOT. The Chairman pointed out that there were some 300 additional cars in the lot and so why their car but received no answer.

The police then brought the supposed 'victim' of the robbery to the scene and paraded each one of the passengers in the Chairman's vehicle in front of a bright light for the 'victim' to look at. S/he identified no one.

Following this, the police attempted to just walk away as if nothing had happened. The Chairman and additional passengers requested and received the Sergeants name and are planning to file a formal complaint.

It should not be overlooked that last month, the Chairman sat on a panel examining the MXGM report "Every 36 Hours" that focused on the execution of Black men, women and children by police, security guards and vigilantes every 36 hours in Amerikkka. Additionally, last week the Chairman joined hundreds of community members in speaking out against the hiring of William Bratton as a consultant to the OPD at a City Council Public Safety meeting. It should also not be overlooked that a follow up City Council meeting to address the Bratton issue is being held tomorrow night.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


As Salaamu Alaikum My People, And All Power To The People.

Peace,This is Tha Ghetto Prophet.

As I roll, walk, or ride through the streets of Oakland I can't help but notice two things.
First, I take note of how many black men between the ages of 26 and 35 that AREN'T out walking the streets.Second, I notice the variety of new patrol technique's being executed by the policing agencies around us (Pigs). For a force as cash strapped as the OPD is how do I keep noticing brand new cars and trucks out rolling the streets? How do they spend 3 billion dollars on computers and a quarter million for advice all within the same time frame as complaining that they need a bigger budget to operate properly?

I know! Old news right? Guess so are the sheriff's tanks riding the streets in the wee hours of the morning, covert raids in the waking hours, or these oddly obtrusive, all black brand new dodge ram SUV's riding around with limo tints all around and no markings whatsoever? Our streets are saturated with terrorists. Some they consider urban terrorists (that's us) while some are domestic terrorists (the pigs). One difference between the two is the fact that one group is perpetuating and carrying out a specified agenda(the pigs), while the other is engaged in acts that feed directly into the firsts pre-specified agenda while seemingly having none of their own (that's us).

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2000 in 20 states in this country the percent of blacks incarcerated was at least five times greater than the resident population of the same race. According to a Bureau of Justice Statistic, in the year 2010 black males were incarcerated at a rate of 4,347 inmates per 100,000 US (United States) residents of the same race and gender, compared to white males with a "staggering" 678 inmates per 100,000 US residents.

It didn't state, but we can only imagine how many of those black brothers are there because of crimes against his own kind. Now I'm a poet, not an accountant, but I bet if we sat and crunched those numbers we see us in default real soon. Not just tiptoeing the brink of; but tasting extinction. There's two ways off of the endangered species list. Extinction or species survival!

People, let's face the reality that aside from our total domination, the overall goal set for us as a people is total extinction. We can not allow our elimination! Sound serious? Heavy? A little far fetched? Far fetched would be us thinking that because there's a black man's ass now sitting in DC's hot seat they aren't still thinking of genocide and global control. They who? The government? The new government? Fascists? Racists? Rightists? Conservatives? Republicans? Europeans in general?

At the end of the day the fact that remains most important is that at our current pace and course we are headed towards destruction faster than NBA stars after white pussy or Rap stars after gold chains! The biggest and most powerful thing we can and must do as a people is band together in struggle and pull ourselves out of the equation all together as much as possible. Can we out right force these pigs and predators out of our neighborhoods? That's all to be determined sooner not later. But, if 4,347 out of 100,000 are locked up, and let's say half of that are for killing or harming a member of the black community, that's roughly 2,173 more of us counted out. Stuffed in the penalty box while the game goes on without them. Again I'm no mathematician but that's at least 2.5 million blacks locked up and about another 1.25 million dead by our own hands. Now rather my math is inaccurate or not the fact remains that as of right now we must realize the severity of our situation and determine what holds morte importance in 2013 in the face of a police state and open reenactment of slavery.

Are the cats around the corner that you grew up with since mud pies and freeze tag as big a threat as the total loss of our life, our culture, and even the slight illusion of liberty we now hold? California has over 33 state concentration camps and countless county plantations that are all filled beyond capacity.We yell "Fuck the Police" while continuing to keep their salaries paid and making their jobs ten times easier than it should be. Oxymoronic at best! The best way we can "fuck" these pigs is to EDUCATE and ERADICATE. EDUCATE OUR WARRIORS so we can Eradicate the BS out of our communities and family units. It takes about 1/1,000th of the courage needed to pull a trigger as it does to pick up a book and read. It takes about 1,000 times of the courage needed to pull a trigger as it does to open dialogue with a potential adversary. So let's be humble enough to seek knowledge and strong enough to seek peace, amongst kin. Now is a time for true change and the world is watching.

We can either go dumb, deaf and defeated; Or go down in history true to our roots, defending our people. A constant catalyst for change!! The time is now and choice is ours.

Revolution: a sudden, complete or marked change in something; a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure. (

Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

Ghetto Prophet, Co Chair

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Given by Chairwoman Cat Brooks on January 1, 2013 at the Public Safety Committee Meeting
City Hall, Oakland, CA
 “When I lived in South Central, Los Angeles, William Bratton was appointed Chief of Police. Shortly after arriving, he was quoted as telling his officers that South LA was Beirut and that they should patrol it as such.  What do you think that did to the mindset of the police officers patrolling Afrikan and Latino neighborhoods in Los Angeles?
Many police officers enter this line of work after serving tours of duty overseas.  They return home with PTSD and a military mindset that has no place in the community streets.  Comments like the one above only reinforce that mentality.
Case in point – the police officer that murdered Alan Blueford had served several tours overseas and was clearly suffering from PTSD.  After executing Alan, he shot himself in the foot and blamed it on Alan in an attempt to cover up his actions.  Reports are that officers found him dazed and confused holding the gun looking at his foot.  It is speculated that he was having a flashback.
Bratton is not the answer to crime in Oakland.  A military-minded man is not the answer to a police department already plagued with brutality, corruption and deceit.
Yes, there is crime in Oakland, but WHY is there a crime problem in Oakland?  Is it because Black and Brown men just have compunction to kill?  Or is it because we have created a society where opportunities to build productive lives are few and prisons are plenty?
$250,000 spent on a man with a proven track record of increasing police brutality incidents on the forces he leads is not the answer.
If public safety is the #1 concern, then let’s invest in public welfare – jobs, education and social services. Or better yet, why don’t we take that $250,000 and find a consultant somewhere, somehow that can figure out why the Oakland Police Department can’t stop killing unarmed Black and Brown Men?  I would pay $250,000 for that.
If we could arrest our way out of this problem, America would have the safest streets in the world because criminalize and arrest is all we do.
My seven-year old is terrified of OPD because she has already seen first-hand what they are capable of … from the murder of Oscar Grant to them tear gassing her as she engaged in peaceful protest.
Ask yourself, why are people in this room so angry that they are willing to go to jail?  They are so angry because they know that there is something fundamentally wrong with how OPD is run and we want real solutions not publicity stunt quick fixes.
Finally, as far as I am concerned, OPD’s track record of brutality and murder does not deem them fit to create a violence reduction program for the city of Oakland!”