Thursday, February 7, 2013

Co-Chair Ghetto Prophet speaking on the news

Cop Killing Cops...

KTVU reported this morning that a fired lLapd officer is attacking and killing officers and their families for what he considers an unfair dismissal for unstated misconduct. So far 3 have been killed and one is in critical condition. Congratulations Officer Christopher Dorner for finally seeing the error of your previous ways and doing your part to correct them. The police in So Cal have entered what they call a "blue state" which, appearantly, is a heightened alert phase while hunting and trying to execute officer Dorner. The manhunt is on! Pigs ambushed a civilian vehicle in southern california this morning thinking it was the "suspect" vehicle and have now shot and critically wounded at least one innocent civilian. Police State? Pigs all over so cal are visibly shaken and they should be. It's not often I turn the t.v. on in morning and see news i actually want to watch. Today is one of those days.

This should definitely help to heighten the contradictions being played out in the state at the moment over the so called control of the guns in this country. Amerikkka would like to have us believe that it is only the elite and patriotic that should have the right to possess guns and to defend their families. Time and again, from soldiers in combat who open fire on whole families of unarmed middle eastern women and children, to officers who "accidentally" shoot unarmed and defenseless people, to rogue cops turning the very guns this government has entrusted them with on each other and the community. The laws of this land are perpetuated and protected by individuals who neither respect nor uphold them yet the "ghetto" is where all the violence attacks are aimed. The president of this country is traveling around pushing his new gun policy crying and posing for all his special interest puppeteers about the danger of guns but refuses to speak in any way about the irrisponsibilities, and the rogue felonious activites carried out on a daily basis by the people he claims should be the only ones with the authority to carry and posses firearms.

I think all police should be stripped of their firearms and given the same non lethal self defense/ public safety options that they expect us to rely on. The officer involved this time happens to be black so they are hunting to execute at the moment. I am sure that this officer will never make it to the inside of a jail cell for this. White officer they may be more willing to arrest and try but hey, that's what it is. As is always the case though, even this will somehow lead to further repression and oppression in the black community but now let this raise the  debate and the dialogue over the issue of not gun control alone but pig-control and more control over what these obviously mentally unstable individuals are doing with the guns they are given to patrol, police, and persecute our communities.

The Pigs are a gang just like any other. And sometimes gangs have internal strife that must be dealt with. This is no different. They are no different. They possess the same disregard for law, life and limb that they attribute solely to the black and brown youth of our communities as they hunt down and execute us with impunity. Once again one has displayed what we all know. That the state paid overseers that patrol our communities to keep us properly controlled for good ol' massah are plagues upon and violent attributes to our society and are no more capable of upholding an unjust judicial ideology as what they call criminals.

Co-Chair, ONYX Organizing Committee

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