Monday, August 19, 2013

Truth and Communication in the movement. How some people need to understand the difference between journalism and propaganda. The difference between reporting and opinion pieces.

  I rather deal with A person who is crazy who can realize they can be wrong and deal with it then a person who thinks there sane and actually believes what there on about.

 I realize any of my ideas or opinion could and possibly is totally wrong and you have to be able to deal with criticism, Constructive critics at least. I realize I done some "Crazy Shit" I at least try to make sure in my old age that if I do something at actually is as accurate as possible in this perceivable natural universe, you know this actual reality we all share.

 I get into that because i want to touch on a article that talked about ONYX and why and what they did in public as a organization. My comrades have commented on it so I will not point out one particular article but talk of the difference in Propaganda and Reporting. When you do not speak with the people you write of, i.e. do not do interviews. Do not ask pertnant questions at a large event like"Who are the organizers???" " IS this event Organized by one or more groups?? This is especially good if you are going to report we as in ONYX hijacked, took over, and took the rains of.

 Simple questions get simple answers.

Going to a event watching things from a far and then write a opinion piece like it where fact is as bad as any MSM reporter that you chastise or bad mouth. Who needs right wing assholes when other so-called radical groups can use there own misconceived ideas and put them to paper like there truth.

 I call BULLSHIT I call it on those Bay of Rage Assholes who use to regularly write there propaganda under the name "Oakland Commune" If this is not there internet facebook page then one Oakland Commune should talk to the other I read at least three articles that came from self same pseudonym in the Bay Of Rage talking about marches I facilitated in such disconnected ways as for me to think not only where they writing from second hand hear say but a purely propaganda like pros that where not fact nor even witnessed occurrences but the very stuff of imagination.

 Now this new group of anonymous yokels seeing people who need help and not help them is just like any capitalist bull shit rhetoric you speak of. There where no New Youth Leadership. You asshats act like you never heard of FTP marches or Occupy Oakland either. Those same guys where there three years ago and where there at the Trayvon Rally? Who in there right mind who says they fight against the system, the man, capitalism or anything else revolutionary have enough time to instead look over towards other organizations and use unwarranted, unneeded, and UNTRUE propaganda and sashay it around like it's news, oreven close to truth. Even led to believe you knew what was going on and represented that truth. NO you should be worried about what you know. They, yes the proverbial they they want radical groups to misrepresent each other they want divide and conquer. They want to radicals groups at odds, this makes it easier for them. You play into there hands if you are lazy. When your not willing to just ask simple questions. Even offer a hand to help if you saw someone look confused. No one is perfect sometimes people standing there making a call may look confused to one person and pissed of to the next. I mean how do you know what people are doing when your not actually communicating with them. Your using assumption and imagination. We need neither in the representation of others or ourselves.

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