Monday, August 19, 2013

Theories of if I was someone else what my political theories would be.

    I ask if I where a reformist and a politically active human being in Notrth American Country of the USA. Would I not want to see education increase instead of prisons. With statistics like the recidivism rate can be decreased through education and this is scienficlly proven would you not wish to start more real and actual education rehabilitation programs then prisons.

 Would it not help other human beings especially the 2.2 Million people incarcerated one form or another with in the USA. Would it not facilitate a better standard of living for Millions if Millions learned a trade and where able to at least learn of what kinda options one could have in there life with a medium of training and school??

 I know if I where a liberal living in Oakland and I found out that between the years of 2000 and 2013 the OPD shot 89 people. 26 of them where unarmed and with that propensity of pulling the trigger and killing young black and brown people with such a propensity that a federal judge after a incredibly ugly and sorted corruption case that was aimed at officers with in the OPD the "Rider" case Judge Thelton Henderson ordered the OPD to come up to National Police Practices and Standards. The OPD ignored this Federal Mandated Order for almost a decade.

   I would wonder if liberals that talk all the work hard and everything will be OK know that out of 600 officers the OPD Employs 16 Officers are responsible for 85 percent of all shooting by officers and those 16 Officers have Never ever shot and killed a white guy.

  Would I then as some Oakland democrat Lib think wow those guys and Gals in Blue sure have a rough job with those protesters,or,Wow if it weren't for Occupy, or those dam anarchists Oakland would be so much better. Wow sure I would think that with over a decade of these self serving pigs shooting down unarmed children in the streets that sure ignore a Federal Court Order for a Decade. Sure statistically one of the worst police forces in the country but it is not the management, the officers, nor the staffs fault nope it is those damn Black Blockers Anarchist Fascists that where I would put all the blame if my head where propped deeply up my own rectum and all I could see was feces I would still be able to see better then some of the rhetoric I hear coming from the politicos and news reported in Oakland and the Bay. Hopefully we will get a Journalist and not a smear writer sooner or later willing o actually report real social stories. Oh wait we had one Edward R. Murrow. wait sorry he is dead. Well guess we will have settle for Anderson Cooper NOT!!

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