Sunday, November 30, 2014

Who's Streets

Call Out
Peace. Last night the streets of Oakland once again became filled with angry protesters. The vast majority of which I've never seen in Oakland in my life. Or if i have, it's only been at various marches or rallies stirring up agitation. I am an advocate to the fullest of civil disobedience and violent or non-violent protests. If they are principled and strategic and have a clear objective towards liberation of our communities. What i witnessed last night was not that . No one can lead the call for justice or liberation of black/brown lives but black/brown people. Last night the RCP (revolutionary communist party) and other unnamed organizations called for a rally at O.G.P. which resulted in a march and 2 fwy takeovers. Although not mad at the willingness to take to the streets because in all honesty every black/brown youth really from the streets of Oakland should have been out demanding our own justice. Instead of having cats like Joey and Ray from RCP who call for the destruction of poor neighborhoods in the name of so called revolution yet when i suggested to them last night that they take the people into any of the more affluent areas around us or targeting institutions that do not benefit our communities or directly result in the gentrification of our further communities. They not only refused but said to me "i am not going to make that call , whatever people want to do is fine". Wrong ! I was attacked last night trying to persuade a group of outsiders not to damage businesses or residents that support our communities. After stopping 3 dudes from spray painting the masonic temple they then tried to spray paint a low income residence. When confronted their response was "i really don't give a fuck who shit this is". What took place last night in Oakland was in no way related to justice for Michael Brown and was only the actions of opportunistic gentrifiers who call themselves activists. It is time for blacks to lead the movement for black liberation. Black bloc, RCP and other organizations that are not made up by the people who live in our communities but aren't of our communities must understand that Oakland is not the place to organize . They have no interest in Afrikan liberation. If we plan to be free then we must fight for that freedom. If we continue to sit back and allow others to dictate the tactics taken to secure our freedom we as a people will never truly be free. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE. 11.25.14

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