Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is ONYX

What is Onyx?

Organized to act

Never ceasing to struggle

Youth focused and Elder guided

Xercising the right to liberate our communities

Mission statement:

ONYX is committed to raising the consciousness of Black people to facilitate the healing of our bodies minds and spirits in order to create sustainable, just, equitable and thriving Black Communities.


ONYX is a organization by, for and about black people and the liberation of our people and our communities.

ONYX is designed to respond to rapidly to community crisis and provide aid and or draw mass attention to gross injustices when appropriate and necessary.

ONYX is a organization dedicated to the pursuit of justice in our communities.

ONYX is a organization dedicated to the defense of our communities from  any and all predators including rogue/racist police, pedophiles,rapists, child abusers, abusers of women and elders.

ONYX is committed to responding to the basic and immediate needs of our community through venues like our food program, clothing, legal services, and shelter.

ONYX believes in and supports endeavors that lead to the economic growth and stability of our communities by supporting black owned businesses and enterprises.

ONYX actively promotes self awareness, self love, self respect, and the self education of ones self to help the community and each other.

ONYX actively working for the liberation and support of our brothers and sisters inside and outside the new plantation system of privatized prisons, the prison industrial complex and probation and parole systems.

Community and Outreach Services

Feed the the people food program
Healing through cultural activities and events
Clothing Drives
Community Work Shops and Education. 
Legal Aid

Current Issues

Food Program
Legal Program
Legal Services
Police Repression
Troy Davis
Oscar Grant
Occupy Oakland
and every other atrocity put upon the black community by the corporate authority or police departments. Let us know of Offences unknown?? 

Code of Conduct
Treat our community and each other with respect dignity and love at all times.
Respect nurture and guide our children. Respect all women of our community weather they be daughters, sisters, mothers or friends. respect all elders of our community. Also respecting our young and adult men. With love and understanding of ones self and each other we can raise our level of consciousness. Bring up our standard of living and learn to enjoy one anthers company.
present themselves at all time with decorum, dignity, discipline, and courage at all times.
Will not ever engage in or be a part of anyone including oneself any activities that would result in the incarceration of any of our people. We will ACTIVELY and VIGOROUSLY oppose any activity that would incarcerate others. We may not take chances with our own safety unless they are part of a PROVEN strategy that would move our agenda along its' course. The agenda being the liberation of all black people.
We Will
Engage in political education for oneself and strive to learn more about history of our own people and the world we live in.
We do
Believe in a strategy of a multicultural organizations. We also understand that we must first address the issues of Black People first. We believe that we are experts on our own communities and that other races and ethnicity  are experts in there own communities. Organizing and leadership should reflect such things.
We Will
not denounce other leaders or organizations of color with out first exhausting every major avenue of communication with such persons and or groups.

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